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Data Protection is a Legal Responsibility!
What kind of data does your business hold and how do you store it?

What happens in the case of a natural disaster? What happened when one of your company’s computers get a virus?

Your data is lost and/or corrupt.

You now have all your employees’ and clients’ personal data out in the hand of a hacker. The business lost all its financial information. Disasters are costly. They are time consuming.

Studies show that by the year 2021, Data Loss and Downtime will NOT be tolerated.

Protect your legal responsibility now.

Understanding the Risk

  • 25% of production machines will have a failure this year
  • 24% of companies say they have experienced a full data disaster
  • 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year
  • The older your equipment, the higher the risk

Data Protection is a Legal Responsibility

  • Compliance regulations like HIPAA require backup, recovery, and continuity plans be in place
  • PCI Compliance and financial data responsibilities are becoming stricter
  • Data loss will not be tolerated in future years

Data Loss Protection is not Always Downtime Protection

  • Business is done in applications not data
  • Your file recovery is a component to business restoration
  • Think about uptime and failover
  • Employee time is expensive and needs to be in the conversation
  • When it comes to protection, file format matters!

Complete data backup, recovery and business continuity in one platform

Our solution can be deployed on a purpose-built appliance, in a virtualized environment, or imaged for use on existing hardware. Business data can be backed up to a local device in real time and synchronized with the Cloud, which provides geo-redundancy, data integrity and location-specific sovereignty.

It comes complete with Instant Virtualization technology that enables whole infrastructures to be spun up in a matter of seconds, either on a local device or in the cloud.

Our business continuity solution significantly reduces RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for small and mid-sized businesses.


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