Data Center Design and Build Out

Businesses depend on critical data and access to it and, as technology grows, data centers are requiring more power, better cooling techniques, and much higher speed. Because of the increasing needs, it is imperative that data centers be designed, built, and managed efficiently to ensure data can always be accessed when needed.

Designing a new data center or upgrading a current center is not an easy task and many things must be considered, such as:

  • Geographic location
  • Required size
  • Layout
  • Lifespan
  • Limits

Before design begins, we consult with you to determine your needs. The initial assessment involves every decision-maker (including engineers, required facility personnel, executive team members, architects, IT team members, etc.) to work toward a common goal. When designing a data center, JKS ensures that all current industry standards, as well as the needs of the customer, are met. We work with you to determine the best network architecture, capacity, and speed you need currently as well as into the future to ensure the best performance and reliability. Before we begin the design, we consider all applicable codes and standards for data centers. We can design and build a data center for you regardless of your industry, location, or individual needs. In addition to building a center with better reliability, scalability, and flexibility, we work to ensure your data center is eco-friendly and has the minimal effect on the environment.

The assessment considers all factors of your business, such as current facilities, risk factors, architecture, facility location, any industry-related regulations or codes, and required power and cooling systems. The planning stage ensures that we design a data center that will fit your budget, increase efficiency, and meet your needs simultaneously.

There are two basic categories of data centers, enterprise and collocation. Most data centers fall into the enterprise category and are privately owned and operated. Collocation or Managed Data Centers are run by a third party and provide a facility to offer power, rack space, and infrastructure. A company can own their own equipment or lease it from the data center operator. Other services offered by the data center operator often include web hosting, disaster recovery, and backup services. JKS has extensive experience in designing and building either type of data center.


“JKS can manage large data center moves and application migrations.”

In addition to designing and building new data centers, JKS can manage large data center moves and application migrations. Our advanced tools and experience ensure your migration is seamless and simple to ensure minimal downtime and have you up and running quickly.

As the use of technology increases, so does the need for more data center space. The costs required to cool, operate, and power the larger center can cost businesses large amounts of money.

We can help address the growing needs of your company while reducing the related energy costs. All our data centers are built with the most energy-efficient designs available.