Code Blue – Mass Notification

Code Blue emergency communication solutions offer incident deterrence and management which reduces security expenses and helps create a safer environment.

JKS installs Code Blue systems which include:

  • Emergency Signaling systems: which include IP and analog phones, public address systems, and lighting. During an emergency, many people panic. Mass emergency notification systems can give clear instructions via loud speakers to ensure safety.
  • Help Points®: wall or pole-mounted public address notification systems that provide instructions in the event of an emergency. They are equipped with a speaker phone call box and emergency button to allow notification of an emergency in a specific location (indoor as well as outdoor). They include a blue strobe light to provide a visual alert as well. Help Points® provide an efficient way to alert first responders and connect people with security personnel on location of an impending emergency.
  • Code Blue systems: equipped with the ToolVox® Administration systems management tool to monitor and operate all systems from one location.
  • Blue Alert® MNS: an incident response solution providing emergency notifications through audio, visual, and messaging platforms (i.e., PA speakers, desktop alerts, email, text messages, social media). The web services tool can also send and receive signals through third party systems. The alert system can deliver alerts about dangerous situations such as extreme weather or criminals on campus to keep the public aware.
  • Blue Alert® EMS: handles events by remotely controlling emergency communication devices and saving the incidents for future reference. This allows you to save audio and video from the incident, view multiple camera feeds, adjust phone settings, and see incident location maps.
  • Blue Alert ® Mobile: a security service that notifies emergency and security personnel while providing real-time communication as well as location tracking until you are safe.

Code Blue is the pioneer in developing and producing vandal-resistant Blue Light Emergency Phones which are installed in thousands of higher education, corporate, hospital, airport, and municipal locations worldwide.

Code Blue systems are useful in a variety of indoor and outdoor areas including: casinos, corporations, schools, municipalities, parks and recreational areas, shopping centers and malls, stadiums, and waterfront areas. The systems are a visible deterrent to criminals and give people a strong feeling of security. In open areas, such as parking lots and campuses, the systems allow people to report crimes or request emergency and non-emergency services.


“Companies can send notifications to all employees simultaneously.”

Mass notification systems are also extremely useful in non-emergency situations. Companies can send notifications to all employees simultaneously about new procedures, company meetings, notices about building construction, or simply helpful tips, for example. Schools can send notifications to all students and parents in the event of a bad-weather closure. Mass transit systems such as buses or subways can send notifications about changes in routes or closures.

“Allows faster communication to security personnel or select team members to ensure a quick response to emergencies.”

The systems provide a better ability for organizations to quickly react to all threats such as inclement weather, terrorist threats and more. They help reduce panic by sending clear notifications and instructions and preventing the spread of misinformation. This allows faster communication to security personnel or select team members to ensure a quick response to emergencies.

Whatever your needs are, JKS can help implement a mass notification system to meet them.