Network Assessment

A Network Assessment helps to identify any network issues before beginning work on network infrastructure development or expansion. It helps to outline any issues which need to be addressed to ensure successful implementation of new or added components. JKS can perform an assessment to help you understand how your hardware and software work together as well as give you valuable information about your network and any changes that need to be made or any issues that need to be corrected.

A Network Assessment examines the current IT infrastructure, performance, availability, management, and security and provides an analysis to enable us to make effective strategic recommendations to enhance the performance of your network.

Network Assessments usually begin with constructing a network map which depicts your network layout. We analyze all hardware and software and create an inventory report. We can then provide summaries of all devices and identify any that may have performance issues to prevent any future problems. This comprehensive documentation gives you an in-depth understanding of your network environment which allows you to decide where changes can be made. We can help you create a remediation plan to correct any problems your network may have as well as provide steps to optimize your performance.

The assessment measures and analyzes the performance of:

  • Network components such as switches, routers, and hubs.
  • Applications used for email, databases, antivirus removal, and backups.
  • Security measures such as firewall.
  • Disaster Recovery or business continuity capabilities and plans.
  • Remote access such as VPN, mobile devices, or terminal servers.
  • Network infrastructure such as wiring and switch configuration.

In addition to the performance of the network, the assessment tool we use, Network Detective, generates information about all peripherals connected to the network and the condition of the environment. We can include information related to external vulnerabilities, user behaviors, permissions, logins, etc. It can also scan MS Exchange Servers and Office 365 to relay details of mailbox statistics, users, shares, and permissions for maintenance or to manage migration projects.


“Most assessments can be completed within an hour.”

Network Detective is a non-intrusive assessment tool, allowing us to run the assessment on your network with no additional software and with no noticeable difference in your network. Most assessments can be completed within an hour to prevent prolonged interruption to your business. The tool does not conflict with any other applications on your network nor does it cause any firewall issues.

In the case of sensitive data, we have the ability to use specific tools, such as a HIPAA compliant tool to ensure all HIPAA regulations are met. HIPAA regulations are privacy rules related to the use and disclosure of private patient information, or protected health information, and affects businesses such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, insurance companies, or any other company that deals with patient information.

We also have a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant tool to use for businesses that accept credit and debit cards remain in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards (such as retailers, online merchants, mail order companies, etc.), and then generates official documents required for a comprehensive PCI data security assessment.