Office Security

Millions of dollars are lost every year to theft, damage, and fraudulent personal injury claims from both customers and employees. Investing in a security system provides a phenomenal ROI for your company and provides peace of mind for you, allowing you to focus on your principal business.

“Your business is vulnerable to break-ins and property damage any time it is left unattended.”

Commercial security systems are used to provide protection against burglary, intruders, and property damage, etc. Your business is vulnerable to break-ins and possible property damage any time it is left unattended, such as evenings and weekends. A security alarm can prevent possible break-ins and notify the proper authorities quickly if a break-in does occur.

The installation of a security system should be seen as an investment in your company, as opposed to an expense.


There are numerous benefits to a security system, including:

  • Reduction in fraudulent claims: Companies lose money to fraudulent claims (staged slip-and-fall accidents, workplace injuries caused by employee negligence, etc.) from employees and business patrons alike. Lawsuits for these claims can cost a business exorbitant amounts of money for a single event. Security cameras reduce this by providing video evidence of the occurrences. Also, when people are aware they are being recorded, they are far less likely to commit the crime of fraud.
  • Reduction in thefts: Internal or external thefts happen in all industries, especially those with retail outlets. Shoplifting and employee theft are costly. Theft is greatly reduced in areas where people know there are cameras to watch them. Alarms can prevent burglaries, protect your business from vandalism, and notify the proper authorities if a crime is occurring.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums: Insurance premiums are calculated based upon the risk level associated with the business type. Because businesses with a security system installed present a lower risk of theft and vandalism, insurance companies often charge a smaller amount for premiums.
  • Ensure only authorized personnel have admittance: Security systems with card access ensure that only authorized personnel are admitted to the property or specific area of a building. This allows companies to account for the whereabouts of employees and prevent the entry of outsiders.
  • 24/7 surveillance and security: Security systems protect your business 24 hours a day, all year long without the need to pay security personnel. Cameras are unwavering and unflinching and give you peace of mind that your business is protected at all times.
  • Early detection warning: Early detection warning systems can notify people of impending danger such as a structure fire. In the event of a natural disaster, clear directions can be given to the inhabitants of the building via a loud speaker.
  • Evidence: In the event a crime does occur, CCTV cameras can provide evidence to the proper authorities for a quick resolution to the case. They provide the best eye-witness evidence to a crime and ensure the perpetrators are quickly apprehended and property is returned.

Too often, security is a last-minute thought or is overlooked until something occurs. Security systems should be implemented to prevent danger to employees, damage to property, and loss of assets. JKS can help you analyze your risk level and design a system to fit the needs of your company.