Who we are?

JKS is about our dedication to superior customer satisfaction.

JKS was founded in 2005 with the vision to create a company that was technology driven and customer focused. Since its inception, JKS has partnered with its customers to plan, design, implement and manage enterprise network initiatives that directly reinforce their business strategies and direction. Our superior commitment to serving the evolving converged technology market “Competitively differentiates JKS systems from other IT consultants.”

Customer-Centric Sales and Service

At JKS, we take the time to understand our clients’ business challenges and focus on an enterprise computing model that matches their business model. Our highly skilled system engineers work closely with our customers to create ideas that meet business objectives, not just the technology of the day. We are committed to teaching our customers how and why a solution works, allowing them a greater amount of self-sufficiency and continued success.


All of the services JKS provides are centered on business and supported by technology. Our solutions are derived from technological best practices, sound business sense, and time-tested experience gained from delivering business improvement through technology. We are partners with major manufacturers in computing, telephony and security. We can design and implement a custom solution and support it as your business grows.

In this digital age, having a solid and reliable Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is imperative to a company’s success.

IT Infrastructure refers to a set of hardware, software, networks, facilities and related equipment working together as a system providing many services such as: office security (card access), VoIP, internet services, CCTV, cloud services, call/contact center, video conferencing, network security, and data solutions.

Installation, maintenance and support of these systems is usually accomplished by entire IT departments and can be costly for smaller companies. JKS Services mitigates the pain points of IT by providing end-to-end IT Infrastructure management much more efficiently and at a lower cost to companies, thereby allowing those companies to focus entirely on their principle business. 

What we do?

Why choose us?

 Our mission is simple:

Make IT easier, efficient, secure and reliable for your business. We care for our customers and build everlasting relationships. Our vision is to build trust between people and IT technologies, to conquer the fear by our 100% secure, confidential, satisfaction-guaranteed services provided by our energetic, motivated team.



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