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Contact Center

A call center (contact center) is a centralized office which has the ability to receive large volumes of telephone calls, screen them, log them, and forward them to the appropriate person. Call centers (contact centers) are generally used to handle product support or customer inquiries, but can also manage technical support, order placement and status, and accepting payments for services. In addition to pre-sale services, call centers (contact centers) can help your company gain customer feedback in the form of customer satisfaction surveys, helping your greatly improve your offerings.

JKS provides call center services to assist your company with incoming calls so that you can focus on your principal business.

The backbone of any business is its client base and communication with clients is vital to revenue. Our call center (contact center) services assist you with handling a variety of calls including: call overflow, after-hours calls, sales calls, event scheduling, service call scheduling, appointment scheduling, demo scheduling, telemarketing services, lead generation, verification calls, surveys, and technical support calls.
There are several benefits to using our service:

Reduced cost: The cost of hiring and maintaining enough employees to field calls can be costly. Our service prevents the need to hire and train additional call center employees. Overhead costs associated with having a larger staff such as extra real estate, more equipment, and more salary payout can be greatly reduced by using a call center.
Increasing revenue: Satisfied customers mean customer retention, which increases revenue. Frustrated customers that experience long delays for customer service are less likely to continue using your products and services. We can help by fielding calls and providing exceptional customer service.
Peak hour and overflow calls: Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable and can handle a large call volume especially during peak hours. This prevents long call waiting times, which can frustrate clients.
Prevent customer hang-ups during holds: Because long wait times are prevented, customers are tended to quickly, preventing them from hanging up prematurely. If calls are not answered in a timely manner, potential sales and new customers can be lost.
Better level of service: Give your customers a higher service level with dedicated, highly trained call center agents.
24-hour, year-round support: Customers calls are fielded 24 hours a day, all year long, which provides service to local and international customers in all time zones without you having to provide enough staff to maintain these hours.
Overall customer satisfaction: Keep customers satisfied with shorter wait times and better overall service.
Ensure you can continue: In the event of a disaster, emergency, or employee sickness, customer calls may not be answered. Our call center services allow your business to continue to operate by assisting your clients even if you have a shortage of employees.

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