Fiber Optic and Structured Cabling


Fiber Optic and Structured Cabling

Having a robust communication system allows companies to interact with clients via VoIP, email, or video conferencing, for example. To achieve high quality, uninterrupted communication, a structured cable system is recommended. A structured cable system is a cabling infrastructure consisting of several smaller elements referred to as subsystems. Each subsystem is designed and implemented differently, but connect and function together as a system.




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There are many things to consider when choosing a cable system such as cost, speed, security, design, migration, etc. JKS will consult with you to determine your budget and assess your location to determine the best system for your business. We first review all factors that might affect your cabling system. Environmental concerns, such as weather, temperature, humidity, etc., as well as possible hazardous material or chemicals stored on-site need to be carefully considered. After the initial location assessment, we can design and engineer the appropriate structured cable system according to your needs within budget.
Utilizing an organized structured cable system has many additional benefits:

Flexible: Because the system is flexible, it can be dismantled and moved to other locations within the same or different buildings quickly, decreasing work flow disruption when a move is necessary.
Scalable: The system is highly scalable, allowing you to adjust to building expansions, business acquisitions, new construction, etc.
Space Saving: A well-planned system requires little space.
Simple Troubleshooting: Cable and port tracing is easier, simplifying troubleshooting of any possible issues that arise.
Cost Saving: The system can be managed with minimal staff and the system will support future applications with very few system upgrades.
Improved Productivity: Structured systems enable high speed transfer of data, greatly improving productivity of employees.
Easy Integration: Many newer peripherals like printers and fax machines are now network capable and can be integrated into your network system. This makes it even easier to allow sharing of the same peripherals.
Efficient: Adding new capabilities such as video conferencing, multimedia applications, etc., can be done quickly and easily.

Our highly trained team can install any type of cabling system (shielded and non-shielded, fiber optic, CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6e, 6a, coaxial, or Gigabit cabling) in accordance with strict industry standards to ensure your system performs to the highest potential. We can install new systems or build upon existing systems, even if they were created using multiple vendors.



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