Audio and Video


Audio and Video

Digital communication is quickly becoming the preferred standard as companies are providing services and conducting business over larger distances. Having secure, reliable audio and video capabilities to communicate well internally as well as with clients is paramount in today’s world.

AV systems include elements such as company-wide Public Address (PA) systems, video conferencing, chat applications, presentation equipment, and paging systems. AV systems allow interaction between clients and employees alike by encouraging collaboration in a new way. Content can be delivered in a way that engages everyone, including anyone with: sensory disabilities such as blindness or deafness, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, cultural or language differences.

The top benefits of having an AV system are:

Teamwork and collaboration: Audio and video conferences allow collaboration among team members and clients. Sharing data, charts, presentations, etc. streamlines business processes and creates a more interactive environment.

Productivity increase: Meetings and training sessions are far more productive when visual aids are provided in real time.

Money savings: The ability to conduct meetings and share information reduces travel cost to employers.

Time savings: Decisions can be made quickly during face-to-face meetings instead of via slower methods, such as email, regular mail, or driving to a client’s location. Live communication nurtures a better environment in which to make decisions, resulting in a time savings as well.

Training: Training staff can be done much more efficiently. As opposed to the old style of training on the job, multiple employees can be trained simultaneously while keeping them engaged in the training with visual and audio aids. Scheduling in-person training sessions is difficult when participants are in multiple locations across the country or around the world.

Travelling is time-consuming for employees and prevents them from focusing on their principal jobs. In addition to time lost, expenses such as: travelling (plane tickets, car rentals), providing accommodations (hotel rooms and dining).

Interaction efficiency: Ensure the time with your clients is the most efficient it can be. Time is money, so you want to make sure you communicate with clientele clearly and without misunderstanding. Having audio and visual aids can allow you to demo products and explain services as if you were with them in person.

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