Video Conference


Video Conference

Video conferencing (VC) is a technology that allows people in multiple locations to communicate with two-way video and audio transmissions. A video conference provides an interactive experience over a network, and allows people in different locations to share a live streaming video of each location.

The top benefits of video conferencing are…

Teamwork and collaboration:

Video conferences allow collaboration among team members and clients. Sharing data, charts, presentations, demos, etc. streamlines business processes and creates a more interactive environment. For example, you can present and demonstrate new products or services to clients or assist a client with troubleshooting far more effectively with a live video feed and have the ability to see what is being discussed. Audio conferences and email alone limit the ability to forge more personal relationships between employees and clients in spread-out locations. Video conferences allow participants to see facial expressions and body language, which are very important aspects of communication.

Productivity increase:

Meetings and training sessions are far more productive when visual aids are provided in real time. Misunderstandings can be avoided and communication is increased tenfold. Participants are far more likely to feel more in sync with each other and stay engaged and alert to focus on the topics being discussed. Video conferencing also creates a better environment for brainstorming sessions, creating better products and services for clients.

Money savings:

The ability to conduct meetings and share information reduces travel cost to employers. Transportation to and from other locations, meal cost while travelling, and in-office time loss cost companies millions each year. Conferencing facilities are also costly to maintain. Suitable hardware and software must be provided for all participants. Costs associated with maintaining the facility quickly add up such as utility costs and equipment. These costs can be greatly reduced by using virtual training and conferencing abilities.

Time savings:

Decisions can be made quickly during face-to-face meetings instead of via slower methods, such as email, regular mail, or driving to a client’s location.


Training sessions are much more effective. As opposed to the old style of training on the job, multiple employees can be trained simultaneously, even if they are all in different locations.


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