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Data Solutions

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Data Solutions

The use of data has grown exponentially throughout the years. Many companies currently use IT infrastructure that was built many years ago and cannot keep up with the large amount of data being used. New challenges arise for anyone using the older systems related to Big Data. Big Data is a relatively new term describing large amounts of data, structured and unstructured, being used daily.

This concept was recognized in the early 2000s by Doug Laney, an industry analyst, defined it using the three Vs:

  • Volume: Companies use and collect data from many sources (such as business transactions, social media postings, and information from machine-to-machine data). Storing this large amount of data in the past was a huge concern, but new technology has made it possible recently.
  • Velocity: Data now streams at much higher speeds, and companies must be able to keep up with that. RFID tags, sensors, and smart metering drive the need to handle the large amount of data in real-time.
  • Variety: There are many types of data, such as structured, numeric data from databases to unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, etc.

Data does not always stream in a constant manner. There are peak times where data may flow more quickly and varies daily. Popular current events happening or different seasons may cause data to peak. Data also comes from many sources, making it somewhat difficult to transform the data across systems. The complexity of the data and the sheer size of it create new issues in data management, data storage, and data security.

Everything we do these days is quickly becoming digital and most devices, from appliances to vehicles, have the ability to connect to the internet, all the while generating data. Almost everyone has a social media presence, personal medical records are now digital, and more people store information in the cloud. Individuals now generate countless terabytes of data each year.

“Using computer systems leaves you open to digital theft.”

All this data needs to be securely managed to prevent security issues such as breaches and identity theft, for example. Computer systems automate processes, increasing business sizes and revenue. However, using computer systems leaves you open to digital theft.

The proliferation of Big Data creates new issues for companies to face such as: higher security risks, consumerization of IT, increased use of virtualization, employees becoming more mobile, and the demand for increased bandwidth.

JKS can help you transform your IT infrastructure into a secure and strategic system with its Data Solutions offerings which include:

  • Data center design and build-out
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Wireless Network
  • Cloud Computing

“We can design a tailor-made solution to handle whatever IT issues you may face.”

We can analyze your current IT system and network and assist you in determining your needs. We can then design and implement a new system, or even restructure your old system to maximize the efficiency of the network. By analyzing your current system, we can determine the root causes of system failures and defects to ensure it doesn’t affect your company. Using the information gleaned from the analysis and working with you to estimate your future needs, we can design a tailor-made solution to handle whatever IT issues you may face.